Getting ahead of the game

With Christmas around the corner job applications tend to slow down as people start to focus on the festivities. But it’s actually the perfect time for candidates and employers to look ahead and get prepared for the ‘new year, new job’ period ahead.

Starting with employers, December is a good time to think about your strategy. With projects pushed back until the New Year and staff off on holiday, it’s a chance to re-evaluate your recruitment process. If you know you are going to have positions coming free in January, now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to recruit effectively for them. Recruitment specialists like Firstcall can help you create a job profile and work out the best strategy for finding the perfect candidates. With more than 25 years’ industry experience and relationship building at our core, we will often know of high calibre individuals looking to make a career move.

As a candidate it’s always best to get ahead of the game. Use your down time carefully, take stock of where you are on your career path and make positive decisions on where you would like it to lead you. Get out your CV and a red pen and go about making it better. Be sure to update it with any new qualifications and experience; try to look at it impartially. If you were an employer, would you hire you? If, when you take that analytical approach, you find there are gaps in your knowledge or you’re missing an important qualification, look into filling those gaps. Play the long game, it’ll undoubtedly pay off.

Another top tip is to use those pre-Christmas drinks engagements to your advantage. At this time of year there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and talk with others who may be able to provide useful insight and directives as part of your career plan.

Make yourself known (for the right reasons!) and talk to people in your industry who you admire. Lay the groundwork now and you can hit the ground running in 2020.

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