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A month ago, we unveiled our new brand and website. We began the day with a fresh new logo and a website with a hugely improved user experience. The site was integrated with our in-house management system and was designed to deliver an enhanced job search and application process. We have had fantastic feedback, both from employers and from candidates looking for work. But the changes go much deeper than flashy new branding.

I’ll start by giving you a bit of background. The business was launched in the 1990s – a family business set up by my parents Tina and Silvi. Since then, Firstcall has worked with local and international, people and businesses. The recruitment industry has gone through many changes over the last 30 years. We have ridden the waves and witnessed the evolution with at times pride and at times a hint of reticence and resistance.  In recent years we felt that the industry was losing its personal touch.

Recruitment is about more than sending people’s CVs out to employers, much more. At Firstcall, we wanted to push back on the headlong rush into the ‘job board’ approach.  We pride ourselves on getting to know our candidates, listening to their wants, needs and career plans.  As with any successful business, strategy is key; a career path is a strategic journey which needs careful planning and nurturing. Equally, we will make sure that we understand an employer’s business and recruitment plans. Our aim at all times is to provide a seamless partnership with our clients.

I’m often asked what a recruiter actually does and whether there is in fact a need for us. The answer is simple: we are the eyes and ears for jobseekers and employers. Through face-to-face contact and a genuine interest in each and every candidate and employer, we know instantly where to turn when a job opportunity appears. Our close contact with the finance and legal industries too means that we are often aware of positions becoming available before they are advertised.  So, in short, a recruitment firm gives candidates an advantage and employers confidence. We are career partners, guiding people through one of the most important journeys they will ever take.

Partnering with professional recruiters gives both jobseekers and businesses the competitive advantage. Life is full of opportunities and to have a personal ambassador looking out for you and your business or career is key.

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