Remote Working – getting it right

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”

Remote working and on-boarding staff from a distance has been tried and tested; maybe it is the next step for your business or your career.

One of the beautiful parts of working in recruitment is the breadth of conversations we have and the differences in situations, environments, mindset, and approaches.

When stepping outside of the Channel Islands you soon learn that remote working, and in some cases from extreme distances, is in fact just a way of life depending on who you work for and where you are geographically based.

Businesses and individuals are faced with new territory when it comes to the continuation of their operations or careers and being adaptable in these times is an absolute necessity.

It’s been a blessing that there are employers adjusting to remote on-boarding and others with strong technology infrastructure simply tweaking their processes to suit the virtual setting.

Whether your employer/new employer has a well thought out process, or is yet to develop one, the adjustment and commitment to the new move and making the best of the opportunity you are faced with is all that one can do.

We have been looking into tips, guidance and personal adjustments that have been working well and wanted to share these with you in an effort to help you find your feet and support you in this transition.

  1. Designated workspace; seek to make yourself as comfortable and free from distractions with the space you have available to you .


  1. On-boarding material and induction; each business will differ in their induction programme, be sure to review closely and keep a log of any questions you have for further clarification.


  1. Regular communication and establishing who you can turn to for guidance and support with any questions that arise can help you get ahead and feel comfortable in asking those much-needed questions.


  1. Use all modes of communication and ensure regular catch ups; this will help build rapport and understanding. Many companies are using technology that offers instant messaging and video calls. Get the camera rolling and bridge that gap of face to face interaction.


  1. Establish daily structure – it can be easy to find yourself working more hours than usual and an unorthodox pattern in casual clothes. However, making a distinct effort to feel as if you’re ‘going to work’ and sticking to a routine can really help to provide the right balance to your daily focus.


  1. Networking and socialising; whilst not possible in the physical, companies have been instigating team-based initiatives over technology – be sure to involve yourself as this can be a great way of becoming familiar with your new co-colleagues.


Where there’s a will there’s a way

“a proverb that means if someone is determined to do something, they will find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles.”


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