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It wasn’t that long ago that work life balance wasn’t even a thing. The finance sector had a reputation for gruelling hours, grinding workloads, stress and burnout. One of the legacies of the pandemic is that, thankfully, that culture has now changed. The tight jobs market means that companies are having to compete harder for employees.

Traditionally the battleground was over salaries, but now the name of the game is flexibility. Covid-19 busted the myth that employees are less productive at home, in fact working from home can increase productivity. The message from the employers we work with, is that if you have been put off a career in finance in the past because of concern about the lifestyle, then think again.

The funds sector in particular is booming. There are currently many vacancies in this area, covering start-ups, independents, and global businesses. The funds themselves are varied and can include fintech, medical, green funds, sport, and property. As well as offering good salaries, there are also great lifestyles. These are progressive employers, with lots of opportunity to grow your career.

Workers now have more leverage, so many financial institutions have announced flexible work options. In other words, it’s no longer necessary to miss out on leisure and family time as you climb the career ladder. Hybrid, or blended working, often means three days per week in the office, and up to a couple of days working from home. There are lots of provisions for childcare. Essentially, you can arrange your work around your life, instead of the other way round.

Telecommuting is here to stay, the old, rigid ways are now redundant, and many workers find the shift liberating, and feel happier and healthier. The good news for employers is that happy employees will do their best work.

Having said that, working from home is not necessarily for everyone, many of us crave the social interaction that an office provides. Clients might want to meet face-to-face in unpixelated form and a physical workplace is still a place to learn, collaborate, brainstorm, and sell. The encouraging news here is that many employers have lured their workers back into the office with a profound rethink of interior design.

The philosophy is that if your workplace is even more comfortable and welcoming than your home, then you won’t mind being there. Sofas, squishy chairs, breakout areas, quiet spaces, coffee bars, showers, cycle lock-ups, ping pong tables, mats for yoga, greenery, stand-up desks – these are all becoming the norm.

Local office design companies are experiencing a gold rush right now and have months of projects ahead, using new design trends that are formulated to support mental and physical health. Some offices even allow you to take your four-legged friend in with you. Another carrot is that work social clubs have been given an injection of cash for fun trips and sporting occasions.

To sum up, the post-pandemic workplace is different, the traditional office has changed or is changing. If you’ve rejected the finance sector in the past, we can assure you that it’s not what it used to be.

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