Job boards vs recruitment consultants

The recruitment industry has evolved beyond recognition in the last decade. The rise in jobs boards has meant that jobseekers are on average using more than a dozen resources in their searches. Online profiling and applications make life easier in a way for candidates. But are they getting the success they desire or deserve?

At Firstcall we have embraced advances in technology and use sophisticated software enabling people looking for work to receive job alerts with positions that are suited to them. But we believe it’s vital that the personal touch isn’t lost in a world of clicks and swipes. Coming almost full circle, Firstcall is committed to providing a niche service that breaks down barriers and encourages face-to-face interaction. After all, employers are looking for real people that ‘fit’ their organisation, not someone who looks great on paper but doesn’t have the real-life qualities needed for a particular role.

Another, and probably more important, side to our ethos is that for candidates we are someone to lean on. Being unhappy in a job, or even just unsure that we are following the right career path, can be a difficult thing to deal with. We can’t talk to colleagues for fear of having our commitment questioned. And often friends or family members try to tell you only what you want to hear. As your recruitment consultant we give honest, impartial advice based on years of experience working alongside local employers.

These days candidates have a good idea of what they want or need from a new employer in order to make the move worthwhile. As recruitment consultants we will discuss your salary, benefits and company culture requirements and guide you towards achieving those goals.

We strongly believe that recruitment is not a quick fix and comes with a lot of considerations attached. Rather than bombarding you with potential career moves we will have as much or as little communication with you as you want. And that’s the key – collaborate with us as your personal career adviser, becoming the link between your now and your future. Get in touch with Marcel today for a confidential chat, call 714634 or email [email protected]

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