Firstcall Recruitment’s team expands further despite the current global employment crisis

Chris Holt has joined Firstcall as an associate recruitment consultant, further growing its team of recruitment specialists.

‘I’m looking forward to utilising my skills attained over the past 20 years to work with
candidates to secure them the right role to match not only their skill set, but their
personality too,’ said Chris, who has more than 10 years’ experience in management
positions of a large international energy business.

With an agile approach to work, he hopes to bring energy, enthusiasm and mentoring skills
to the ever-flourishing business.

‘What drew me to Firstcall was their ethos and the direction they strive for. It offers
opportunities where I can use my skillset to be a part of the team,’ said Chris.

Firstcall handles a multitude of clients and applicants, who are all at different milestones in
their career. With substantial experience in customer services, Chris strives to apply and
merge his experience of meeting people from diverse backgrounds and professional sectors
to his new role.

The PADI-qualified diving instructor and certified Agile Business Management coach also
spoke about the importance of brands being represented by good people and is excited to
‘provide solutions for employers.’

With interests from music and cooking to climbing and diving, it’s no wonder Chris aspires
to help others achieve their career goals. Moreover, with 20 years’ experience working with
individuals throughout their career progression, Chris is the ideal candidate to lead others and
guide them to the next steppingstone.

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