Achieving an application-life balance

With the pandemic lingering and job anxiety still prevalent both in Guernsey and across the
globe, Firstcall has taken the time to explore the impact a lengthy job process can have on
mental health, and how to remain optimistic.

Finding the right job is hard enough as it is, but in the midst of a global pandemic those left
unemployed are facing enormous personal and economic pressure to find a job and pay
their bills.

Loss of confidence, self-doubt and self-criticism are just some of the emotions that follow
the exasperating rejection process, making it hard to stay both mentally and physically
healthy. We are seeing job hunters living an unrelenting and unforgiving Groundhog Day of
cover letters, being ghosted and rejection. Dealing with the stresses of money, family,
responsibilities, finding a job and not to mention the virus itself – with what feels like no end
in sight – can and will be overwhelming.

It is at these lowest points you should recognise the line between acceptable self-pity and
blatant defeatism. There will be times of hopelessness which turn into sadness, rage and
confusion; but allowing yourself to empathise with yourself will make room to accept what’s
happened and will help practically move you to the next stage of recruitment.

Ask yourself, what advice would you give a friend in your position? Be proactive, be
constructively critical, but ensure you’re being kind to yourself.

We have definitely seen a drop-in communication, but it’s important to remember you are
not alone in feeling demotivated – more than four million people in the UK have been left
unemployed since the pandemic began. Instead of dwelling on your CV, we recommend
refining your skillset and using your job experience to prioritise applying for quality jobs
over serial job applications. This will make the process more concentrated, easier to reflect
on and easier to take a more constructive approach to rejection.

Setting personal boundaries and realistic goals is a great way to create normality and form a
routine. Just because you are out of work you can still look after yourself; creating a realistic
to-do list, exercising and self-care is all part of maintaining a positive mental attitude
throughout challenging times. Just like you would with a work-life balance, have an
application-life balance so you can still distinguish downtime and be more productive in
your applications.

Use your time wisely! There a few times in your life that you will have this length of time to
yourself, read about the people who inspire you, join job search groups, take on a creative
project or hobby. Digital connections are the future, use this to your advantage to expand
your social network with employers. Sign up to pursue online qualifications, short courses,
whatever is within your means. Adopting a can do attitude and not submitting to sluggish
practices will be the key to your success and avoiding job fatigue.

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