Maximising your collaboration with your recruiters

Struggling to fill that vital role? At times when there is a higher than normal number of people looking for work, it can seem like an endless and time consuming task filtering through applications. Now is the time to lean on the professionals… connecting the role to the right person and person to the company.

It’s no secret that the changing landscape of employment has unsettled employers, employees and recruiters. With over 5.2% of the workforce left without work, the Bailiwick had reached an all-time high of unemployment in May. This appeared to be a result of businesses changing their process of recruiting and increasing redundancies in order to survive the economic crisis.

Sadly, employees are not the only ones who suffer from such sudden disruption. The pressure for employers and recruiters to compassionately handle an influx of people seeking employment, whilst the gap for available positions inevitably shrunk – meant job applications soared parallel to the limitations set by employers.

Many of those we are partnered with had aimed to take an active role in employee engagement during the height of the impact with employee adaption to working from home, we saw this drive many employers towards solidifying WFH policies and ‘dress for your day’ as here to stay benefits to their offering and we are seeing this being adopted by a lot of organisations who hadn’t previously had this in place.

But, at times when companies have to be more budget conscious than ever, and whilst redundancies surged as job cuts had to be made, cutting back on the use of recruitment agencies may have seemed like the wisest option. Although some remained steady in a limited level of hiring, others have had the tap switched on post-lockdown and this then presented in some cases, a momentous challenge with over-pouring application numbers and labour-intensive shortlisting processes which sadly have seen the individual job seeker feeling most effected.

Recruiting organically from within the company can result in employees responsible being inundated with applications, disorganised files and wasting time; ultimately missing valuable recruitment opportunities. Putting the heavy weight of wading through job enrolments on the professionals allows your business to be active at all stages, target search and applications to acquire candidates that are not simply active job seekers but fit the company culture and business needs, as well as help align your company’s desired plans through appropriate hiring.

In times that are unpredictable and erratic guidelines are enforced with little warning, being one step ahead is a struggle; from a recruiter standpoint we have found the impacting factors now felt post lock-down are a real mix. We have certain clients who are confiding in us to build strengthened relations and support for recruitment solutions, increased interest of enquiries for those looking to relocate to the Channel Islands and an improved level of interest from people seeking out advice for their futures.

The return on your investment fundamentally means you have external eyes to appreciate your business requirements and act accordingly, rather than crumble under the pressure. Whether it be boosting company profile, placing employment in a tailored way or sharing invaluable market insight aiding with an in-market perspective, partnering with professionals (even during a pandemic) is worth your while.

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