Has January given you an urge to move?

2021 hasn’t got off to the best of starts, with Blue Monday just passed and the never ending quest that is January, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little miserable. With the sombre days dragging on and the constant push of ‘new year, new me’ pressure, you might have taken a rather long look in the mirror to review where you’re at in life, as well as your job.

There’s nothing much worse than getting itchy feet, whether you feel stuck in the same routine, have outgrown your position or simply need a change of career path, it can end in a relentless and often overwhelming tug of war with yourself wondering if you should stay or go. Reaching a juncture such as this can be one of the most important phases in an individual’s career due to there being a real “unknown” attached, but with this comes the fear of what’s next.

After being in a job role for many years, it’s easy to forget that you may have a desirable skill set for alternative positions. One of the biggest obstacles when pursuing a career change is your skillset and whether they’re transferable, you may not realise their potential when applying to a position of higher seniority. After identifying the point of focus, we can distinguish what (if any) qualifications / online courses to point you in the direction of, so you can best leverage your expertise.

So where do we fit into the picture? Much of the advice we would provide here would be an outlet for discussion alongside relevant questioning of your motivations and current thinking. We can then assist in translating this into a realistic plan of approach, as well as using our experience and knowledge to guide and prepare you for suitable roles.

If you’re considering taking action about your itchy feet, we would suggest:

  • Write down any immediate directions you feel pulled towards OR;
  • Aspects of your role or experience base you like / dislike doing
  • Strengths and key personal characteristics can aid somebody in pursuing a new path successfully and understanding this about yourself can then help when drawing comparisons to jobs / paths
  • Research – appreciating the directions identified, what qualifications or credentials required to enter and or be at an established point in that career path is also great information to have; this can provide reference towards possible steps in getting to where you want to be

There are many employment opportunities as we’ve entered 2021, take a look at just some of the roles we have with a range of seniority:

Senior Administrator – Employee Benefits – https://firstcall.gg/job/senior-eb-administrator/

Our client is open to looking at candidates with experience in financial services administration, whether that be trust, funds, banking or other.

Senior Fund Accountant – https://firstcall.gg/job/senior-fund-accountant/

This is an opportunity for somebody who is interested in changing from being in audit and interested in going into an industry based accounting role. Also they would be open to qualified accountants from other sectors who’d be interested in a fund based career.

Associate Recruitment Consultant – https://firstcall.gg/job/associate-recruitment-consultant/

This would be well matched for people interested in a new path and already possessing strong sales and client skills.

Financial Analyst – https://firstcall.gg/job/financial-analyst/

This is a really interesting and different role that would suit somebody with a natural mind for numbers and analytical thinking. Accountants with a leaning towards that style of thinking could find this to be an interesting alternative path.

Jersey Job – Listings Associate – https://firstcall.gg/job/analyst-listings/

This position would be suited to somebody who’s worked in funds, co sec, paralegal or another discipline where they’ve had to utilise analytical and methodical skills.

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