Why you should consider a job in the offshore funds sector

There are a multitude of reasons as to why investment funds and corporate divisions within the finance industry is a key sector to consider working in. In terms of business activity, job opportunities and job security, the industry is healthy and opens many doors to prospective career development.

Global industry

First and foremost, working in a well-established global industry creates a huge opportunity to evolve as well as for you to relocate your career globally. Working with those within and outside your own abilities will enable you to build solid relationships with an extensive network of professionals. The ability to develop your working skills whilst fulfilling personal and professional goals grants a freedom that not every industry allows. 

Transferable skills

Certain businesses are able and willing to look at candidates who may have a skill-set/experience base that they can transfer into the sector. Hiring people in a talent-tight market is a fundamental challenge funds and corporate services businesses face; so building key hard skills, such as analytical skills, as well as building key soft skills like communication and building relationships will be essential to appeal to prospective companies who desire candidates that can be moulded into the business’ operations.


Financial services is a thriving industry, and a solid route with various subdivisions and job types to explore. Salaries are competitive and there is potential to earn good money as well as securing wider benefit. This is particularly the case in Guernsey where the talent pool is small, and employers look to offer comprehensive packages to win or retain candidates.

Challenging & engaging work flow

The finance sector, and the fund environment in particular, is fast-paced which requires a certain set of qualities to manage. We have seen a number of niche directions that our fund clients are supporting, from private equity, real estate, innovative technology, sports and even medical cannabis funds; so, there is a real opportunity to harness your personal interests and be exposed to interesting areas within the market.

Mentorship and internal support

There are many people who have dipped their toe in the financial services world and felt it’s not right for them. We would encourage those with previous bad experiences in financial services to explore whether this was from a lack of supportive training and not to dismiss this as a reflection of the industry as a whole. There is endless possibility when it comes to advancing through sectors, and we’ve seen particular success in the career paths  of candidates who pursued fund roles.

Career development

There is an abundance of internal online training platforms available which provide access to on-demand knowledge, be it technical or soft skills which can be extremely useful and easy to soak up.

More and more people are specialising in areas of private equity, venture capital and real estate to name a few. This is why there is so much value in honing your skillset, and investigating the scope within the business to upskill using their development plans and structure, such as:

  • Internal online training platforms for soft and technical skills
  • Dedicated learning and development functions
  • Professional qualifications
  • Buddy systems and mentoring
  • On-the-job training with experienced professionals

If you’re looking to carve out a long-term career, the investment funds market is a leading employment sector to consider and will help you achieve the fundamentals so you can progress in whatever direction you wish to.


Functional positions we have available:

Support and Operational roles

Fund Administrators

Fund Accountants

Auditors moving into Industry

Company Secretaries


Client Directors

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