Moving on vs moving up – what’s right for you?

Climbing the career ladder is a priority for many workers – it’s often viewed as the only path to a dream role or position within a company. However, it’s not uncommon for some employees to move on rather than climbing the ladder within the company they work for.

There’s no mystery if this is based on the nature of the work itself, as many choose to change jobs purely because their interests change, due to relocation needs or even because they crave a different work-life balance. But what motivates employees to move to a very similar, if not identical, role at another company that demands the same duties and responsibilities as the previous? What motivates these people to jump, not climb?

Many employees know what career path they want to follow, and with this comes the knowledge that the perfect job takes time, effort, and hard work to achieve. But some employees feel their drive to self-improve and progress is not recognised or appreciated by an employer. Often this is down to poor communication and is avoidable.

From an employer’s point of view, a busy schedule, or the inability to have a simple chat can result in losing potential talent. Poor communication can lead to a worker, who still very much wants to pursue the career they’re in, feeling undervalued and at a dead end.

It’s equally important for employees to remember that starting a similar position at another company can be difficult; it can take time to find your feet. But a desire to self-improve can trump this fear – knowing you work somewhere that values you and wants you to succeed can be very rewarding.

Training is also an important factor that employers should keep front of mind. A great company will even give their employees the tools and experience required to progress. Training not only strengthens, empowers, and motivates workers, it can build upon the experience your service offers.

A career path that is built from the same foundation, with the same company and the same employer over years and years, can seem like a tried and tested way of achieving a dream role. But there is real value in moving on – adapting to new environments and working procedures leads to a rich employment history that continues to improve with every step you take towards that perfect job.

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