From Aprons to Suits: Why the Finance Industry Could Be Your Next Move 

Its Springtime in Guernsey and the sun is creeping out to brighten our days. While the weather may be improving and the spring flowers are providing colour, perhaps you are still feeling like there is a dark cloud above you. 

Is it because your current job is unfulfilling, leaving you flat and demotivated? Or perhaps the current cost of living crisis has got you re-evaluating your career choices? Maybe it is time to consider a new role within the Finance Industry. 

Moving careers may seem daunting – especially if you are worried you might not have the right skills or perhaps you are concerned that you wont be considered for a trainee role. 

Fear not! Firstcall Recruitment has placed many candidates in supportive teams within the finance industry who have worked in completely different occupations – from hospitality to construction and everything else in-between. 

Plus, because we work closely with our clients to understand their vacancies – as well as their business – we also get to know whether they would be open to hiring candidates from different industries with transferable skills – even roles beyond trainee level. 

And, since the Firstcall team makes a point of getting to know what makes you tick and can put the jigsaw pieces together and make a picture from – what might seem – two very different puzzles! 

The team are working on multiple roles in various areas of the finance industry for eager candidates – like you – right now! So, if you are thinking about trading in your apron or hard hat for a suit and tie, or worried that changing your job now, might reduce your income get in touch today. 

To arrange a no obligation chat with one of the team, call us on 01481 714634 or email [email protected]  

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