Lockdown – phase two

With lockdown entering its second phase, I for one have found that something as easy as ‘staying at home’ has been challenging. As each day passes it continues to bring a different dynamic to how best to cope with this situation and play the role in which we’re being asked to play.

Some are fortunate enough to be able to operate from home (myself included) and others tackling each day as it comes, doing their utmost to keep the much-needed optimism.

We’re all having our own experience at this time, some days are better than others. Whilst knowing others are in the same boat doesn’t change your situation, do try to take note of the positives and small wins that may be part of your day.

A few things that I’ve thought about, and feel could be helpful at this time are:

Time management and a routine

Aim to make the most of your day, whether that is setting tasks or daily goals, or even something as simple as making lunch. Be sure to break up your day. Now could be just the time to have your ‘to do’ list formulated. Use each day as a day to tick something off.

Exercise / fresh air

Utilise the designated time you’ve been provided to get out and about. I have neglected this up until day five but have found it most helpful.


Whilst social interaction is restricted, it is extremely important to talk with others and I don’t mean by text, email or WhatsApp. Where we’re losing our ‘in person’ interaction it is even more important to talk and listen – use video or the telephone. It’s not ideal but it gives you more chance to engage emotionally and off social media.


Switch off and unplug yourself from the world and spend time on you. The hustle and bustle that’s become normalised has now been prevented, so take time to do whatever relaxes you and enjoy it.







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