A new way of working

Following the States of Guernsey’s decision yesterday to lock down the island we have all found ourselves working differently today.

Essential workers aside, we are all getting to grips with working remotely, although Firstcall staff are used to this. Our man in Barbados – Josiah Kirton – has being doing this for the last six months. So we are well accustomed to the changes everyone is now experiencing.

We remain open for business and are still actively talking to and seeking to talk to people looking for work. Even before lockdown many businesses were making full use of technology and conducting video or telephone interviews. This will continue.

So far many clients we have spoken to are pressing ahead with their recruitment plans – this situation won’t last forever and they are making sure they are well prepared for the bounce back.

If you have recently accepted a new job and are waiting to start, don’t panic.

Some businesses are honouring start dates and using remote working, others are honouring start dates from a payment perspective but will be getting workers to undertake alternative tasks/learning in the early stages.

It’s no surprise that some companies have put things on hold; some remain live and interviewing, others wish to keep their pipelines warm so they’re ready to go when they come out the other side.

Jack and Marcel can be contacted via their respective mobile numbers: 07781 467680 (Jack) & 07781 151229 (Marcel). We will be communicating multiple times daily to ensure we deliver the usual high standard of service to both the professionals we work with and our valued clients.


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